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NEROPA: Talks and Workshops

Belinde Ruth Stieve is happy to offer seminars, talks and workshops on this method, TV broadcasters, film schools, production companies and other interested groups and organizations in Germany and abroad. She can also be booked for talks, lectures and panel discussions on NEROPA and more generally on the situation of women and men behind and in front of the camera.
Outside the film industry she speaks on the interrelations between the fictional world of film and televison on the one hand, and on the commercial sphere, STEM-subjects, poltics and the image of older age in society etc. Workshops on applying the NEROPA method in non-film contexts can also be arranged (Contact)


Belinde Ruth Stieve

independent Researcher. Expert on Diversity Change in Narrative and Society. Inventor of NEROPA.

Since 2013 Belinde Ruth Stieve has been analyzing and commenting on the situation of women and men in front of and behind the camera and its effects and blogs about it in SchspIN – An Actress’s Thoughts. She cooperated in the First Diversity Report 2010-13 of the German Directors’ Union BVR and regularly participates in panels and events of the industry. She supports Pro Quote Regie and other initatives by women in film. Her statistical investigations and analyses enjoy a high reputation in the relevant groups of the industry and for a long time were the only reliable comprehensive data available.
In 2016 Belinde Ruth Stieve invented the casting tool NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity to reduce the gender imbalance in film casts and raise awareness, And also to show other areas of society a way out of unequal situations and discriminatory mechanisms.
For statistical analysis of scripts and roles she uses, among others, DramaQueen, a software for script writers and authors.

Belinde Ruth Stieve at the Berlinale Bubble of Pro Quote Regie 2016. Photo: Pitt Sauerwein