Picture Credits

 NEROPA Testimonials, Portraits

  • Nicole Ackermann. Photo private
  • Pamela Gräbe. Photo private
  • Polly Kemp. Photo private
  • Imogen Kimmel. Photo private
  • Eoin Moore. Photo Above the Line
  • Karin Nordmeyer. Photo private
  • Sophie Charlotte Rieger. Photo private
  • Jean Rogers. Photo Claire Grogan
  • Barbara Rohm. Photo Pro Quote Regie
  • Anneke Kim Sarnau. Photo Christian Hartmann
  • Almut Schnerring. Photo private
  • Arno Stallmann. Photo private
  • Tina Thiele. Photo casting network
  • Julia von Heinz: Foto IvaBerlin creative commons
  • Henrike von Platen. Photo Inga Haar
  • Oliver Zenglein. Photo private


Further Reading

  • Star Wars Cast. Photo ARS



  • Portrait Belinde Ruth Stieve. Photo: Lutz Erik Aikele



  • All other photos, the  NEROPA Logo and video clips are by Belinde Ruth Stieve