NEROPA for more Gender Diversity

Films and television have been presenting a clear majority of male roles for a long time. This leads to us growing up with fewer images of women than men, and also with them being less diverse in character, profession, age, ethnicity etc.
NEROPA is a new concept to reduce this imbalance in a straightforward and systematic way. All roles whose gender is not essential to the plot are defined as neutral, no matter how big or small they are and whether they have a name or not. These neutral roles are alternately cast as femalemalefemalemale.
Using NEROPA leads to truer representation and more diversity, we will see more women on our screens from a variety of backgrounds and ages. This will lead to more multi-faceted films and more possible identification with characters. The films will be better and more entertaining – for both men and women.

More detailed information can be found on the subpages NEROPA Check (including a video clip), Case Studies and NEROPA Finetuning.

The World around us is diverse and colourful and half of it are women – Films should show this.