NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity was developed by Belinde Ruth Stieve as a method to increase the proportion of women and encourage diversity in film projects onscreen and to sensitize and raise awareness among those involved. NEROPA is a protected brand and can also be used in other industries, as a bridge from present day gender imbalance to a multifaceted future onscreen.


Productions for the shortfilm “Film Night” (working title) about NEROPA started in July 2019 and should be finished in September 2019. (All photos by Belinde Ruth Stieve).

Most of the voice recordings have been completed. The leading characters Zebra and Dog were recorded by actresses Lore Richter and Simona Theoharova:

Lore Richter and Simona Theoharova recording voice-overs

Shooting of the stop-motion sequences took place in July…

Stop-motion sequences for NEROPA shortfilm. Photo Beinde Ruth Stieve

and the live-action was filmed in August:


Northern Ireland Screen

The Belfast based agency introduces mandatory use of NEROPA in a funding slot in April 2019.

NI Screen's Andrew Reid on NEROPA.