NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity was developed by Belinde Ruth Stieve as a method to increase the proportion of women and encourage diversity in film projects onscreen and to sensitize and raise awareness among those involved. NEROPA is a protected brand and can also be used in other industries, as a bridge from present day gender imbalance to a multifaceted future onscreen.


Writing Team Anika Wangard and Eoin Moore

Director Eoin Moore who also writes scripts, together with Anika Wangard, was one of the very first to comment on NEROPA in 2016. Here you find his testimonial from 2016. Four years later, he and Anika are saying:


German TV Crime Films Festival

I was appointed member of the five-persons competition jury for the German TV Crime Films Festival in Wiebaden (March 1-8).

German Crime Films Fesstival 2020


EWA Network Annual Members Meeting at Berlinale

On 24.2.20 I was invited to report on NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity at the annual members meeting of the EWA Network on the occasion of the Berlinale.

Belinde Ruth Stieve at Annual Members Meeting of EWA Network at Berlinale. photo Alexia Munos


Panel: Diversity in Media

On 8.11.19 I am presenting NEROPA at the three-day “Film– und Medienforum Niedersachsen” in Lüneburg and also my latest analyses on German top cop drama for 6 team positions 2011-19. The forum is organized annually by the Lower Saxony Film and Media Office.


Diverse Casting – Wish or Reality?

At this WIFT Germany event on 18.9.19 in Cologne I was connected via video call to present NEROPA and participate in the discussion. Further panelistas: casting director Susanne Ritter and agent Gerda Maria Hein.



In the summer of 2019 we shot FILM NIGHT / DER KINOABEND in a German and an English version. The short film is a finger puppet animation and stop motion film that conveys the approach of NEROPA (for more information: NEROPA: Film)..



.Consultations at ITV

I was invited by ITV Head of Diversity Ade Rawcliffe to present NEROPA on 1.5.19 to a group of decision makers at ITV and discuss possible implementation of the method in fictional serial formats of the British TV station ITV in London.


Gender Equality in Television

On 25.4.19 I participated in the one-day event Gender Equality in Television: Behind the Scenes and on the Screen organized by Westminster Insight in London and presented NEROPA. A good opportunity to get to know the current British situation and to meet old and new contacts!

Northern Ireland Screen

The Belfast based agency introduces mandatory use of NEROPA in a funding slot in April 2019.

NI Screen's Andrew Reid on NEROPA.